Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hi guys im just doing a quick reveiw on the revlon lip butter in 035 candy apple which is definutley a true red colour when i first saw the colour i thought it was rather orange toned but it gives a nice healthy look to the lips.
the texture is creamy but is prone to melting :[ so not great for the handbag saddly but the texture is very pleasant on the lips as it applys like a balm i always find myself smearing red lipstick all over the place eek! :s but this is alot easyer to apply in my opinion the packagings nice as you can see the colour through the top and the packaging is coloured acording to product making it easyer to locate if you have a larger make up collection there is a slight flaw in the packaging though when rolling up and down the product coats over the side and i have also found it can move around slightly in its packaging i love the product overall and would buy more but i would find it more appealling and think most people would if there (£8 lip product,superdrug) wasent at so much risk of being damdged by general use :]

£8 bargain or £8 waste?
so £8 for a drugstore lipstick is a little over average BUT i must say its kind of a 3 in 1 product in many ways shoving the 3 step system of balm stick gloss out the window! the BUTTER part in lip butter gives a nourushed hydrated finish to the lips and the step 2 well is the stick these lip butters are sooo pigmented thats really all you need and as for the gloss the product has a glossy finish on the lips, so i really like these so i would say somwhere in the middle but quility is fab so £8 bargain if your used to MAC or chanel if your just starting with make up i would find a shade to suite you and get one becuase they are sooooo easy to apply and has colours that you would never call wearable sunddenly become day to day wearable so check them out

swatches: and pictures:                      the top is see through
                                                                   swatch 1
                                                                    swatch 2
                                                                melting round edges
                                                          woops put melting twice
                                                                           Melting :s
                                                        applyed (normally more red)

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